禁止进入最可靠的体育投注, 根据联邦法律, 不制造虚假, 错误的, 或者误导性陈述, 直接或间接, 给一个学生, 未来的学生, 公众人士, 认证机构, 国家机构, 或者去美国.S. 教育部. Misleading statements are those that have the likelihood or a tendency to deceive or confuse the person to whom they are made. A statement is any communication whether it is made in writing, 在视觉上, 口头, or through any other means of communication. Substantial misrepresentation is misrepresentation on which a person could reasonably be expected to rely, 或者合理地依赖, 对那个人不利.

Statements subject to this policy specifically include, but are not limited to:

  • The nature of the education programs offered through the university;
  • The nature of financial charges, tuition, fees, and other costs;
  • The employability of graduates of the university; and
  • The relationship of the university with the U.S. 教育部.

A Title IV eligible school may not describe its participation in a way that suggests approval or endorsement by the 教育部 of the quality of its educational programs. Student testimonials that are made under duress or as a requirement to participate in a program are considered to be in violation of this policy or federal law.

Directors of operational units are responsible for the training of personnel regarding misrepresentation of information about the university or its programs or services.

The university considers violations of this policy as serious offenses and will take corrective action appropriate to the nature and extent of the violation to ensure that violations are not repeated.